How it Works

We understand the busy and hectic lifestyle that you have which makes it rather difficult for you to step out of your houses and feel the urge to go and refresh or clean your houses, to say the least. Thus, to make sure that you can receive a vast array of services without the pain of stepping out of your houses, we present to you icity that has close to 52 and over services like beautician, massage, handyman, cleaning, tutoring, etc. to name a few.

  • Register and login It has a quick registration and login process. You can choose from multiple login/signup options, either by mobile number (OTP generated), social media (Facebook, google), Fingerprint ( for Android phone), or Face ID ( for iPhone)
  • Book Now Or Schedule Later By using a "book now" or "schedule" option, you can take advantage of the service right now with just a single click, or can schedule it for a later date.
  • Track Job Progress Post-service request, the in-app notification provides you with the real-time tracking of the Masseur providing you estimated time of arrival.
  • Give Reviews and Feedback When the massage session is finished, the app prompts you to rate and provide feedback.

Download App

Looking for an all-inclusive goods delivery and services provider app that will save you the trouble of downloading multiple apps? Download iCity from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store, and get more than 100 services through it!

  • Easy Service Booking
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Price Estimation
  • Customer Care Support
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