How it Works

In the future, there will be more need for doctors as people live longer due to new medicines. There are several ways to get in touch with a doctor without visiting a hospital or clinic, all thanks to technology. With the online facility available, you can consult with a doctor in the comfort of your home. Video call or book an appointment to avoid the long wait-time in just a few minutes.

  • Registration and Login Allows patients to easily construct their profiles. Simply download the app, create a profile, and you'll be set to find the best doctors in your area. You can use their phone number (OTP generated), social media (Facebook, Google), fingerprint (for Android phones), or Face ID to achieve it ( for iPhone).
  • Book Appointments / Video Consulting The user books the appointment for the house call or clinical visit using the app or opts for Online Video Consultation so that the doctor can examine patients, offering face-to-face communication.
  • Track The Progress The medical expert will send the patient notification and will arrive on time. The patient can track the Medical Practitioner in real-time and receive an estimated arrival time.
  • Rating and Review Patients can rate the consultation experience and provide a review of the doctor’s performance

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Looking for an all-inclusive goods delivery and services provider app that will save you the trouble of downloading multiple apps? Download iCity from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store, and get more than 100 services through it!

  • Easy Service Booking
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Price Estimation
  • Customer Care Support
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