How it Works

Walking your dog daily is an excellent method to keep him healthy and happy. The professional dog walkers will provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation daily. This is how you book On-Demand Dog Walking Services:

  • Registration and Login You can use your Social Media Account, Mobile Number (OTP Verification), Face ID recognition for Apple users, and Fingerprint recognition for Android users to register and log into the app. Quick Register and start browsing the pet walkers in your area.
  • Book Services You submit the request for a local dog walker or sitter. The service provider will receive real-time requests and can confirm a booking as per your schedule.
  • Track The Progress As a pet owner, it allows you to track the service provider's walking routes in real-time, including mileage and start/end times.
  • Reviews and Feedback Give your dog walking service the option of leaving ratings or desires. This feature will provide pet owners with greater confidence in the services they wish to use.

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Looking for an all-inclusive goods delivery and services provider app that will save you the trouble of downloading multiple apps? Download iCity from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store, and get more than 100 services through it!

  • Easy Service Booking
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Price Estimation
  • Customer Care Support
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